You know the two dirty words for consultants?

(No! They are not swear words.) Implementation and execution will cause consultants, like vampires exposed to light, to shrivel up. Don’t get us wrong – smart planning is the first order of business. So consider this: when you know what needs to be done – what if you don’t have the resources (talent or money) to then execute on your vision and plans?

We act on your behalf. Let’s make up a word here: insourcing. We are your insourced solution, because we look to the outside world like your staff, your manager, your team – but we don’t add to permanent overhead. We come in to solve the gap. We are held responsible and accountable for results.

RedFlash™ is Your Insource Solution


Smart Is Not Enough

Yea, sure, we’re whipsmart. Good grades, great references from clients about how smart we are. Blah, blah, blah. What we really measure ourselves by are the results we achieve for you. You know from your own hard-fought experience: you have to get in the game and get things done. We have no patience for wasting time and neither should you. Now before you get all teary-eyed over this speech, consider that our interests are going to be aligned. If we decide to work with you, and you with us, in most cases the bulk of our compensation is performance based. We don’t perform, we don’t eat. Well actually we keep eating but you get the point.


Is there a pony in there?

We had a fundraising gig a couple years ago, working for a CEO founder who was a natural-born salesman. He knew his clients and contacts inside out. The RedFlash™ process includes interviews with the management team, which helped us discover a mega-investor close to the company – completely overlooked, unasked and untapped. We find and position your best assets and resources for 10x growth and value in the marketplace and in most cases we help create that best positioning. Sounds obvious, but hidden or poorly positioned assets are easily overlooked by time-pressured owners and management teams.


The Key is Action

Shakespeare said it best but however you say it – we have to go out and do it. Wait, that’s Nike. Anyway. We love getting lucky (we’ve had multimillion dollar funding success in a first meeting) but usually our rigorous process calls for a lot of heavy lifting on our part. We have to be 100% certain we conducted a thorough process that gets at the best solution, the best launch, or investor, or sale price. It sounds corny but this is our deepest truth: we take on this work as a sacred trust. Sacred means: as if we were the solo owners and not just your insourced solution.

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