Putting a Consultant on the World Stage

What: Negotiations Coach
Deliverables: Marketing Partner

Negotiation coach Jim Camp was a secret weapon for major corporations and government agencies like the FBI. He had a workbook with proven success formulas that he’d developed over the course of years, in coaching CEOs and senior management teams. Jim was helping his clients win billions of dollars in sales and cost savings.

But he was a closely guarded secret. RedFlash Managing Partner, Robert Jordan, partnered with Jim to publish Jim’s groundbreaking best seller, Start With No (Random House, Crown Books). Now in its 11th printing, Start With No revolutionized thinking around the world on negotiation best practices, having a particularly major effect in the US and prevailing “win-win” thinking, practiced nowhere else in the world (and with good reason). Jim has now been featured in hundreds of stories, on television, hosted for speeches worldwide and sharing the podium with Nobel prize winners as he continues to advance the concept of decision-based, system-based negotiation.