Helping PE Funds in a Crunch

What: Media Company
Deliverables: interim CEO and org design triage

What do you do when you are managing a portfolio of companies, and one of your CEOs just isn’t making the grade? Where you’ve given years to improve performance, and it just didn’t happen?

We helped a PE fund in this predicament, where the CEO had to go, and fund managers knew his management team would face a demoralizing new year. We were asked to have a veteran interim CEO ready to assist, and we paired the exec with an organizational behavior professional to lead the management team through a new planning process – a fast form of triage to get everyone back on track fast.

The RedFlash team did so well that fund managers insisted our guys stay on board to help set up a better management structure and new long term plan. We were then asked to provide management coaching, assess the effectiveness of the sales organization and develop new incentive plans and metrics to ensure organizational transformation.

But the first order of business was the problem that had caused the CEO’s failure in the first place – lack of profitability. Our team went in and within one week uncovered $1 million in “found money” – not bad for a week’s worth of investment.