Giving Founders Clarity and Confidence

What: Real Estate Developer
Deliverables: 3 Day Fast Track, Business Plan, Investor Powerpoint

A successful real estate developer realized he was continually raising equity funds from private investors for various projects. A family member was learning investment banking, so the developer thought “why not employ him, retain the money-raising activity and fees in-house?” But that presented problems if not dealing with a broker-dealer licensed by FINRA.

The family member was ready, willing and able to run a broker-dealer, but he had not written a business plan or presented to investors to fund a B-D. He had no desire to spend months writing his own business plan or even an executive summary

He hired RedFlash for The 3 Day Fast Track. Meeting in-person with his top lieutenant and members of the RedFlash team, we produced the summary, investor pitch and Powerpoint presentations in real time, so that by the time he got back on a plane he had his deliverables in hand and ready to go.

We matched his need for speed and expertise in marketing and broker-dealer registration with our marketing hotshots and a broker-dealer team member, who had already successfully registered a new broker-dealer in all 50 states.