Launching a Company or Launching a Service: The RedFlash Process

We are a team of seasoned entrepreneurs who have launched, grown and sold successful companies. It’s in our blood. This passion has fueled a desire to help other entrepreneurs accomplish extraordinary results. If you are launching a company or launching a service we embrace the challenges of the fast-growth experience.

RedFlash is a team of trusted professionals who can take on the tough projects as if they were their own. Whether you are an entrepreneur who is passionate about an idea but are unsure what to do next, or an investor who is debating whether or not to back an entrepreneur – who is launching a company – we can provide the expertise and resources to deliver the solution.

The first step of the RedFlash process is the Right Fit Test. We listen…and we validate. With collective experience of many years, we evaluate your company or service and rapidly assess the size of the market, the sustainable competitive advantage and the potential for 10x growth.


Forget about Market Research

Launching a great new company or product? Market research is not the answer. For an entrepreneur with a burning desire, most traditional forms of research won’t cut it. If we take you on, RedFlash goes beyond the point of validation and talks to the customer or the ideal partner or investor to make the sale. When it is clear a product or service is real, we are able to offer a full range of services — from strategic planning and tactical execution, to forming and launching a company, to making investor presentations, to hiring the team. Our goal is to get to market as fast as possible so that the marketplace is validation.

The RedFlash process is iterative: plan, execute, evaluate & repeat. We continue the process until we have something dominant in the marketplace.

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