The RedFlash Definition of Business Strategy

Business Strategy: (busi·ness strat·e·gy), n. pl. -busi·ness strat·e·gies 1. the process and plan that gets you to world domination: the RedFlash team focuses on creating a business strategy for world domination that makes Genghis Khan look like a wimp by comparison.

Let’s face it, if you set out to do something small or to fit in with 100 other competitors, good luck to you. It won’t work real well. Jack Welch was famous for saying that GE was not going to be in any market that they could not be number one or two at. You should be the same way. It does not mean that you have to be the same as GE to be successful, but you have to position your company and markets exactly that way. Take this test to see if you are ready to take your business strategy to the next level.

The RedFlash World Domination Test

1 Does your idea or business take your breath away?
When you think about the thing that you are doing (or going to do) does it stop you short because you realize you’ve met your life’s purpose? If it moves, touches and inspires you, you are on your way to world domination. If you are inspired you will be able to inspire the people around you – starting with family and friends, then your team and customers, then the world.

2 Does it work?
Business strategy has to test out in the world. And an idea may seem amazing in your head but until you can sell it, it doesn’t matter. Be persuasive and see if anyone will bite.

3 Can you recruit others?
This does not mean acting like a crazed political leader, but something can be taken from a charismatic example. Leaders recruit people with their vision and you can do the same. It’s only a viable idea if others stand with you and eventually charge forward to sing your praises.

4 Are you flexible yet solid?
Should you be the Rock of Gibraltar or silly putty? How ‘bout both? A great business strategy is one that can stand the test of time but also be flexible enough to shift when necessary. Many entrepreneurs go to one extreme or the other. You must be okay with the ambiguity of employing both qualities.

5 Is a bigger mission in play?
Great business strategy comes out of great mission. At the end of the day your strategy will not hold up unless there becomes a broader point that inspires us. Look at Google: they invented a better search engine but thrived because they have a guiding philosophy and mission of – do no evil.

Your Score

If you answered…

“Yes” to All Qs: Congratulations! We love folks who want to take the world by storm! If you truly mean “yes” on each question, call us at (847) 849-2800.

Some “Yes”, Some “No”: Well at least you’re being true to yourself with where your company (or dream) is at. To be world dominant you are going to have to figure out what is keeping you from answering “yes” to all questions. For strategy and execution help we are here.

All “No”: dude, what are you doing on this site? Seriously.

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