RedFlash™ Champions Entrepreneurs

We champion entrepreneurs – because someone has to make a better world, and we believe entrepreneurs are driven to do just that. Not big corporations, not governments, not failed institutions – just a crazy inspiring frustrating group of people who sometimes fail, occasionally get it right, and then we all benefit.

Now let’s talk about you. What keeps you up at night?

Money? Company or product launch? Working with your investors, or board, or how to exit?

RedFlash™ excels at corporate development: this is the work required to finance your company, launch new products, and ultimately how your fast-growing company could go public or enjoy a successful sale.

The important word here is work. You have work that has to get done. Its not just about talking smart. Talk is cheap and consultants can talk all day. Action is everything for successful entrepreneurs and when you need to count on someone to take responsibility and be held accountable for the outcome: this is what we do, what we love to do. Read more about our team here.


obert Jordan, Managing Partner

Bob JordanRobert Jordan: I love entrepreneurs, and have been launching companies and helping other founders build their companies for 20 years. Corp dev is the role and work I take on for founders and management teams, whether its serving on the board, leading negotiations with buyers, investors or strategics or positioning your company for rapid growth.

Along with RedFlash™ I run the Association of Interim Executives, which champions interim management as its own global specialty. Seeking out home run stories and hearing how great entrepreneurs hit the wall and survived led me to write How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America, featuring 45 leading company founders who’ve created $63 billion in value from scratch, and an audio series from Nightingale Conant. My first startup, Online Access, the original and pioneering Internet-coverage magazine, landed on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. I’m on Twitter and write (hopefully) inspiring stories for entrepreneurs every week on Forbes site.


livia Wolak, Managing Partner

Olivia Wolak: My focus is to make sure we produce any and all deliverables that lead to a successful outcome for you and your company. This could be a business plan, an executive summary, a presentation, a well-crafted elevator pitch, in addition to vital work identifying buyers, investors, or strategics and negotiating through to successful results. Success is in the details, and my mission is to make sure we deliver.

I am also the co-founder of the Association of Interim Executives and run day to day operations. Before the Association I built the predecessor network of interims from a home-grown website to a robust social network with thousands of members. I have directed publication of various ebook, website, and marketing initiatives and edited How They Did It: Billion Dollar Insights from the Heart of America. In conjunction with the book I directed a national event series, the Entrepreneurial Bash, which drew hundreds of attendees and 40+ hosting organizations and sponsors.


edFlash Team

RedFlash has a team of highly accomplished leaders with a variety of expertise that can be brought in based on your specific needs. Resources include top leaders like Stuart Emanuel, who led his division at Spherion from $50 million to almost $1 billion revenue in four years. Advisers to management teams and boards like Bernie Liebowitz, who councils on family ownership, team dynamics and forward plan building can also drop into a company at a moment’s notice. Interim execs like Michael Gruber, who has taken raw startups to prominence, full funding and commercial success are powerful resources for tech companies.

  • I cannot thank you enough for all of your help so far with Birdfeud and for being such a good mentor for us. I look forward for continuing our great partnership in the new year.
    - Andrew Parnell & The Birdfeud Team
  • RedFlash has proven to be a tremendous resource in helping us move forward. You tell it like it is, and ask the tough questions that guide a company's vision for success.
    - J. DiSanto (CEO, Technology Company)
  • You have offered valuable support to us in times of difficulty. Your flexibility, willingness to listen thoroughly and follow-up are refreshing -- as is your positive energy.
    - K. Holstein (Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Kim & Scott's Gourmet Pretzels)
  • As a result of the strategic vision that RedFlash has provided, we have had the good fortune to become an industry leader. Through your keen understanding of our market and the plan you developed, we have the contacts in place that will assuredly help us achieve our goals."
    - D. Turken (CEO, Providential Bancorp)
  • Bob was very instrumental in helping to successfully complete the deal between our company, RPh and Soliant (a division of Adecco). Initially I hired Bob to write an offering document to present to any companies that were interested in buying our company. We had about four interested parties and not only did Bob write an excellent offering document (written in three weeks) but he negotiated with the four companies and kept the deal moving quickly. After we got our Letter of Intent Bob worked very closely with our lawyer and many times Bob was instrumental in coming up with creative ideas when the agreement had some unacceptable terms. I feel that he saved the day at least twice and I would probably not have done the deal if not for Bob’s creative ideas. I highly recommend Bob Jordan as someone with care, concern and integrity when it comes to any merger and acquisition situations.
    - S. Liberman (CEO, RPh on the Go USA, Inc.)
  • You were the light at the end of the tunnel.
    - L. Stevens (COO, RPh on the Go USA, Inc.)
  • I've been taking in the AEIS announcement news long distance while I'm on Spring Break with the family, but wanted to simply say thanks and good job. Your patience, counsel, and effort were a big help getting us to this result.
    - M. Fleischauer (Chairman of the Board, PV Powered )
  • Thank you for all of your efforts and dedication these past two years getting us through the transaction. I’m sure there were several times you wanted to bail on us but instead kept persevering….and we are very fortunate for that.
    - R. Laubacher (CFO, PV Powered)

My first company put me on the Inc. 500 list of fastest growing companies. But we could have grown even faster if we had access to a team who could have parachuted in instantly while not increasing permanent overhead. Someone who could take responsibility for a new product or offering and run with it, act with integrity and make good decisions. That’s why I started RedFlash, to champion great entrepreneurs.

– Robert Jordan, RedFlash

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